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'If there's one skill that matters more than all the others, it's the ability to develop networks...'

National Training Providers

Trust for the Study of Adolescence (TSA)
Offers training and conferences on a wide range of subjects including working with young fathers, working with young men, developing positive self-esteem in young people, developing training skills, and many more. Training courses can be tailored to specific requirements, or be designed from scratch to meet specific needs.

The Working With Young Fathers course covers a number of areas including:
  • successful approaches to engaging young fathers
  • what's happening where in England
  • what young fathers say about support
  • one-to-one and group work
  • peer support
  • being strategic
  • working with very young fathers
  • the worker gender debate.
Lise Hansen or Sarah Lee (Training Co-ordinators)
Tel. +44 (0)1273 771 249

Working With Men (WWM)
Offers a range of training courses on working with boys and young men including masculinity, working with young fathers, what works with fathers, working with violence, boys and underachievement, managing work with boys, sexual health and young men, and more. WWM also run a programme of workshops which aim to benefit and equip professionals whose work impacts upon young people, especially boys and young men.

Trefor Lloyd
Tel: +44 (0)20 7732 9409

Fathers Direct
Run one, two, and three day courses on Working with Young Fathers. The courses can be run in-house, or for a consortium of local agencies. Amongst other things, the training aims to help participants:
  • understand young fathers' roles in child development
  • examine attitudes and feelings towards young fathers
  • develop the confidence, knowledge and skills needed to encourage positive relationships between young fathers and their children
  • plan effective needs-led approaches
  • explore and develop strategies to overcome barriers in trying to integrate services for young fathers into mainstream provision
  • explore cultural and personal assumptions about men and fathers
  • learn key approaches and techniques in working with young fathers
  • reflect on working practices
  • examine ways of working in partnership with young mothers and the wider families of both the mother and father
  • Learn how to stay well-informed and supported as work with young fathers develops.
Tel: +44 (0)845 634 1328

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