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Although the national teenage pregnancy strategy ended in 2010, the coalition government continues to recognise the value in reducing the rates of teenage pregnancy as well as supporting those who do start families when they are young.

The Government’s Child Poverty Strategy provides the framework within which a focus on young parents continues, and the Early Intervention Grant to local authorities should enable them to continue work on teenage pregnancy and young parenthood.

However, the government’s emphasis on localism means that there will be much less central direction than under Labour. Nevertheless, the expansion of health visiting, the Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) scheme and the drive for children’s centres to focus on the most vulnerable families offers opportunities to further support young vulnerable fathers.

Documents produced by the Labour government continue to be useful, notably Teenage Parents Next Steps: Guidance for Local Authorities and Primary Care Trusts (DCSF & DH, 2007) which acknowledges that the challenge for practitioners working with young parents is to make a reality of the commitment ‘to make services more accessible and welcoming to young fathers who want to engage positively with them’.

Key policy documents:

A New Approach to Child Poverty: Tackling the Causes of Disadvantage and Transforming Families’ Lives

Getting Maternity Services Right for Pregnant Teenagers and Young Fathers (June 2008)

Teenage parents: who cares? A guide to commissioning and delivering maternity services for young parents. (2nd edition) (July 2008)

Multi-agency Working to Support Pregnant Teenagers: A Midwifery Guide to Partnership Working with Connexions and other Agencies. Department for Education and Skills, Department of Health, Royal College of Midwives (2007)

Teenage Parents Next Steps: Guidance for Local Authorities and Primary Care Trusts (2007) DCSF

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