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This section provides an annotated list of resources that may be useful for practitioners working (or thinking about working) with young fathers. It is not meant to be comprehensive, rather to offer some ideas and background information to assist in the development and continuation of valuable work with young fathers.

Please click here to email us if you would like to tell us about additional resources you would like us to include.

A Dads Point of View
An excellent booklet of photography and words by young Somerset fathers.
Availability: Contact Julie Husband
Tel: +44 (0)1823 357 988

A Game of Two Halves
A resource for working with young people in settings such as schools to raise awareness about fatherhood and parenting. Developed by the Rotherham DVD project as a way of engaging young fathers in peer education.
Availability: Contact Chantry YMCA
Tel: +44 (0)1709 720 040

Baby Fathers – New Images of Teenage Fatherhood
A set of seven free large posters of young fathers.
Availability: Availability: Contact Prolog.
Item codes: TP30018 (booklet), TP30019, TP30020, TP30021, TP30023, TP30024, TP30025, TP30026
Tel: +44 (0)845 60 222 60

Dads Matter
A full colour 8-page A5 booklet highlighting the importance of fathers and male carers in their children's lives.
Availability: Contact Working With Fathers

Dads Matter Too
A DVD made by a group of young dads in Wiltshire - includes interviews, discussions, and clips of dads with their children, engaging in a variety of activities like first aid courses, swimming and baby massage. A positive resource for young fathers and can also be used as a training stool to heighten staff awareness of how, and why, to engage better with young dads.
Availability: Contact or call Mike White on 01380 850547

Engaging fathers wall planner
Laminated, A1-size, write-on, wipe-off wall planner, with the theme of engaging with fathers
Availability: Contact Pre-School Learning Alliance.
Tel: +44 (0)20 7697 2500

Expectant Fathers
Working With Men’s Expectant Fathers DVD is a training film designed to help dads-to-be and new dads learn how to handle and communicate with babies. ‘Narrated’ by a four-month-old cartoon ‘baby with attitude’ and inter-cut with real dads looking after their babies, this DVD is ideal for working with fathers in the pre- and post-natal periods.
Availability: Contact Working With Men.
Website: Working With Men website shop

Fatherhood is a Serious Business
Set of A2 posters useful for helping to create a 'father-friendly' environment. Reflects African, Caribbean, Asian, and European fathers.

Fatherhood Pack and Game
Various games and curriculum based exercises aimed at individuals delivering fatherhood related programmes in formal and informal educational settings.

Free Workers' Helpline
A free telephone (up to 15 minutes per call) and email advice service. Intended for workers and managers trying to engage with fathers, or attempting to make their organisation or service father-inclusive.
Availability: E-mail:
Tel: +44 (0)845 634 1328

I'm a Better Dad Now
A report including details and instructions of two games that were developed as part of ContinYou's Supporting Young Dads projects. The 'Life Planning Game' can be used to help structure weekly sessions with fathers. The 'Game of Two Halves' is a resource than can be used to raise awareness of the issues involved in fatherhood and parenting more generally.
Availability: Contact ContinYou

Inter-professional approaches to young fathers (2008)
Review of research, theory and practice about work with young fathers. Edited by Jane Reeves.
Availability: Published by M&K Update Ltd.
Available from booksellers

The Invisible Fathers: Working with Young Dads Resource Pack
Comprehensive pack including a research and practice guide, DVD and handouts for dads.
Availability: Contact Fatherhood Institute.
Tel: +44 (0)845 634 1328

What Works with Fathers?
A report detailing 10 established fathers projects drawing out common themes to identify why they have been successful.

Working With Fathers
This guide is aimed at 'everyone working with families', and provides information and discussion on how to develop father-friendly practice.
Availability: Contact Fathers Direct

Working With Men
WWM have a variety of fatherhood resources in addition to the ones listed in this section. See below and website for further details.
Availability: Contact Working With Men

Young Men Understanding Fatherhood
Curriculum toolkit for facilitators working with young men on understanding fatherhood. Lots of creative activities. Published in 2007.
Availability: UK Youth
Tel: +44 (0)1425 672347

You've Scored
A football style programme of information for young fathers. Provides useful information for fathers and fathers-to-be in an interesting and engaging way. Although the football focus may not appeal to all.
Availability: Free to download from Fathers in Gloucestershire (FiG) website

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