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'Understanding cultural issues is essential when planning work - young Asian fathers tend not to access services... so you have to get your understanding of what's needed and what's already out there.'

Learning points:
  • Being strategic is vital in working with young fathers. Approaches need to be planned in advance and reviewed regularly if they are to be effective in providing sustained provision that meets the individual needs of young fathers.
  • Learning from TSA's Young Fathers Project (Mordaunt, 2005) tells us that practitioners intending to work with young fathers should determine from the outset their intended impacts, identifying the who, how and when, along with those responsible, success criteria, costs and the required staff, training, and support.
  • Planned work with young fathers must acknowledge the diverse needs of different BME groups. For example, the Upfront Team tell us that many Muslim young fathers in Bradford wish for Islamic perspectives to be taken into account, especially regarding sexual health issues (e.g. contraception). Upfront report that consulting and negotiation with influential community figures can be crucial to the success of work with BME young fathers.

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